Friday, March 16, 2007

Molested Georgia boy need not have died

When a missing 6-year-old boy was found dead yesterday near Brunswick, Georgia, the part of the story that got to me was that the abductor was a child molester on probation who was living with his own parents across the street from the boy's grandmother.

Where is a child molester to live after he is released by the justice system? I honestly can't think of a more suitable place, UNDER THE CURRENT SYSTEM, than his parents' house. BUT THAT SHOULD BE CHANGED.

We need to create a better option for the placement of pedophiles. I believe that children deserve absolute protection from child molesters. I doubt that pedophiles can change their sexual desires, no matter how much they might want to. I suspect that they were born that way.

So what should we do the first time a pedophile teenager touches a child? Throw him in prison forever? Yes and no.

Why not let those individuals who are found to be pedophiles live apart from children, but in a place where they can live their lives happily and fully? THE ONLY THING MISSING FROM THEIR LIVES WOULD BE CHILDREN. We learned in the Danielle Van Dam case that a killer pedophile can be a successful engineer, living within the law for decades, and then finally surrender to his compulsion. Wouldn't it have been better if David Westerfield had worked as an engineer, had lived in a nice house, had socialized with his many adult male friends, BUT HAD DONE IT ALL IN A COMMUNITY WHERE CHILDREN COULD NOT ENTER, AND PEDOPHILES COULD NOT LEAVE?

Perhaps entrance into such a community could be optional. But once a person commits a terrible crime, he must go to prison (or worse), not to a childless community. I think pedophiles should be separated from children as soon as they reveal themselves--BEFORE THEY COMMIT ANY SERIOUS CRIMINAL ACT. Pedophilia should be treated as a disease for which we currently have no cure. PEDOPHILES SHOULD BE QUARANTINED BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK.

Prison is a place for people who have already harmed others. Pedophiles should be separated from children before they do harm, not after. We pay huge amounts of money for murdered children. We could KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE and save a huge
amount of money if pedophiles were supporting themselves in their own communities--forever separate from children.