Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Who's guilty of the largest fraud on the California justice system?

Move over, Santa Barbara Sheriff and friends. You filed false documents and committed perjury, but Kathleen Culhane has one-upped you.

She forged statements from jurors in death row cases, creating the impression that the jurors did not want Michael Morales and others to be executed.

Sam Gross, Mike Carlson and Deborah Garvin got clean away with their frauds on the court regarding the antics at the Santa Barbara Sheriff's department, but it looks like Kathleen Culhane will spend years in jail.

Readers may remember that Ken Starr, the Whitewater prosecutor who charged Bill Clinton with lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, filed Kathleen Culhane's forged documents in California court. It would appear that Ken Starr is neither as honest nor as good an investigator as he would have us believe. He never bothered to talk to the jurors, just forged on, full steam ahead, trying to prevent the execution of a man who murdered a teenager. Is Ken Starr soft on the death penalty? What exactly does he believe in? Perhaps in lieu of principles, he just has personal desires and emotions.

We'd all be better off if only people who actually believed in the rule of law were allowed to practice law and enforce it.


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Michael Ejercito said...

There is hardly a difference between Kathleen Culhane and Mike Nifong.